Friday, October 28, 2011

New Beginings

Its been a while since Ive blogged so I decided to get back to it. Lucky u!! New city new state new blog right? Well the move to Fla was somewhat stressful in the end, but now that i am here and have had time to breath, I've come down with bronchitis. Blurgh. Oh well its forced me to rest. Ive been enjoying spending time under the covers with Phoebe who's just happy that her momma isn't running off and leaving her every two minutes. Fla is warm right now. I'm just grateful for the sunshine and vitamin D. Woot.
Ever notice when you move somewhere new that you have a ton of stuff that you are not sure why you owned in the first place? My new goal is to keep getting rid of stuff until I'm a total minimalist. I feel so blessed in my life that the items that I have accumulated over the years are no longer important nor were they ever. Funny how as we grow up we change our ways. I who used to never care about being fastidious about cleaning is now having a hard time staring at my laundry that needs to be hung. I need to get hangers asap. just a random thought. Ill take friendships over possessions any day and I feel like my cup runneth over in the friendship department. I am grateful for that gift of friendship. Right now I feel like my friends that I have a eternal ones. That is a beautiful thing.
Sweet dreams of Jellybeans,
HRH KimmyKing

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