Thursday, February 16, 2012

tv shows and my royal opinion

OK so the past few days ive been pretty sick fever and awful head cold. So what does one do when they are foggy in the head? Watch hours and hours of mindless tv. 
have you ever watched a show and thought I love this show except for.... well i have and here are my totally unsolicited opinions. 

Bones: I love the story's between the characters but it seems like each episode is grosser then the other. no more melting people please. 

24: I drank the koolaid and fell in love with the 1st season and well lets be honest Keifer is still the hot guy he was back in the day!

2 broke girls: love it and hate that they stopped showing episodes on tv

DC cupcakes: ok cute concept however could we have a episode where something doesn't go wrong, and as a baker do you think you should give out your trade secrets to the world. 

Hawaii 50 : no complaints makes me miss Hawaii

Dog the bounty hunter : love it 

Storage wars: liked it but then everyone started showing up at all the sales . who do these people think they are ? 

Modern family: whats not to love

Parks and Rec : why cant the episodes be longer

Cougartown : cant wait for new episodes

Downton Abbey there are no words heaven 

my guilty pleasures don't judge: Sons of Anarchy and Weeds Love them!!

Well time to go medicate and watch some mindless tv. 

Love K

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